4″ SiS Transmitter Signal Clamp

The Signal Select Clamp is a precise way to apply the locating signal if direct connection is not possible. Signal Select is a special modulation placed on the targeted utility line, to support positive line identification. This feature is available only on the following frequencies SIS-491 Hz, SIS-982 Hz, SIS-8.44 kHz, and SIS-9.82 kHz.

Used in conjunction with the vLoc3-5000 receiver, the Signal Select feature becomes a powerful tool in aiding accurate cable identification. At the receiver, a positive (+) icon appears on the operational interface if the operator correctly identifies and traces the line.

A negative (-) icon appears on the operational interface if the operator finds a parallel line or a return current instead of the desired line. Tracing along a line will provide a constant indication of the same polarity.


Locator Accessory Brochure UK V1.0 5.28 MB Download
Clamps and Clamp Accessories Technical Specifications V2.8 593.55 KB Download
Signal Clamp User Guide V1.6 374.13 KB Download