Power Industry

The power industry is broken into parts. Transmission lines will carry power into the major power plants in cities, and distribution lines will bring power into the home, office or factories. Once an expensive novelty limited to the most densely populated areas, reliable and economical electric power has become an essential aspect for normal operation of all elements of developed economies.

The current challenges

One major challenge of the power industry is safety. Striking a live power line will not only result with the loss of power for business and homes but can also result in the loss of life. Power lines have been struck not only in construction by backhoes but also by the homeowner simply by installing a post type mailbox, installing a fence, or deciding to start a garden in the backyard.

Our Solutions

The Locator range from Vivax-Metrotech allows the user to:
  • Passively trace live power cables
  • Sheath fault locate using the A-frame
  • Positive identification in congested areas
  • Push button depth of cover readout
  • Bluetooth and GPS options for mapping