Local Authority

Local Authority

The local authority engineers have a broad range of tack covering large areas of land. They are responsible for locating buried utilities, finding lost valve box and manhole covers, finding sheath faults in power and street lighting cables and inspecting the interior of laterals and small diameter sewer main lines.

The current challenges

The work of the local authority engineer is becoming more and more complex. The legislation and rules covering our underground environment are also becoming more and more complex. At all times, when any form of excavation, be it small or large, is required, the local authority engineer has a complex problem to deal with. It is with this in mind that the local authority engineer needs to make sure that a complete and accurate search is done of the underground infrastructure before any work is started.


Our Solutions

The locators and cameras systems from Vivax-Metrotech allows the user to:
  • Fault-find power cables and tracer wire
  • Locate valve boxes and paved over manholes
  • Inspect sewer lines from three to 8-inches
  • Create detailed maps of buried utilities
  • Upload data from the locator into their GIS systems