The vCam-6 HD inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech gives you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from three inches up to eight inches in diameter. Our camera systems use the latest technology packaged in a rugged, lightweight, compact profile made specifically for the harsh conditions related to sewer lateral inspections.  All Vivax-Metrotech camera systems are backed up by a full one-year warranty, on-site training, and local support through our dealer network.

Increase productivity and profitability with the vCam-6 feature rich lateral and small mainline inspection camera system. Built tough and reliable for everyday use, the versatile vCam-6 is a good fit for plumbers, contractors, home inspectors, building maintenance supervisors, or anyone looking to inspect the interior of a pipe or duct. Create crisp, detailed HD video inspections with audio comments, text descriptions, footage, date, and timestamps to submit to your customers without worry. Putting in a full days’ worth of work is easy with the four-hour battery life and charging on-the-go with the provided AC and DC charging leads.


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vCam-6 HD Control Module

vCam-6 HD Control Module

vCam-6 HD Inspection System

vCam-6 HD Inspection System

Type-CP Reel

vCam-6 HD Control Module with Type-MX Reel

Type-MX Reel

Type-MX Reel

Type-CP with D34-HD and D46-HD Camera Heads without skid

D34-HD and D46-HD Camera Heads without skid

Type-CP with D34-HD and D46-HD Camera Heads with standard skids

D34-HD and D46-HD Camera Heads with standard skids

Type-CP Reel

vCam-6 HD Control Module What's in the box

vCam-6 HD Control Module Dimensions

Type-CP Reel Dimensions

Type-MX Reel Dimensions

D34-HD and D46-HD Camera Heads Dimensions

vCam-6 HD Control Module with Type-MX Reel Action Shot

Key Features

  • 1080p HD Self-leveling camera heads
  • One-touch recording and JPEG image capture
  • 1-TB Internal hard drive
  • AC/DC operation with 4-Hour battery life
  • 9.7-inch HD daylight viewable display
  • Stainless-steel reel and camera heads
  • Locatable sonde and traceable pushrod

vCam Mobile Controller App

The vCam Mobile Controller (VMC) connects a tablet or smartphone to the vCam-6 or vCamMX-2 controller via Wi-Fi and streams the live video into the app. The videos and pictures captured in the app can be shared using the tablet's native sharing options. What is seen on the control modules LCD is duplicated in the vCam Mobile...

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vCam Mobile Controller (VMC) APP Sales Sheet V1.0 3.83 MB Download
vCam Inspection Products Brochure UK V1.1 2.20 MB Download
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vCam Inspection Products Accessories Sales Sheet UK V1.4 1.07 MB Download
vCam-6 Technical Specifications V2.0 796.81 KB Download
vCam Mobile Controller App User Handbook 1.50 MB Download
vCam-6 User Handbook V1.5 36.93 MB Download
Sharing Files with Google Apps Quick Guide 476.30 KB Download
Skid Installation Guide V1.1 455.22 KB Download
vCam-6 vCam-5 POSM Quick Setup Guide V1.2 412.11 KB Download
WinCan General Setup Instructions V1.1 457.32 KB Download
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Locating Push Camera Cable Quick Guide V1.1 668.88 KB Download
vCam-6_DVR_033 23.81 MB Download
vCam-6 MCU604 6.25 KB Download
vCam-5 and vCam-6 Control Module Firmware Update Instructions_V1.1 322.16 KB Download
MediaPlayPlus Codecs 5.82 MB Download