Sewer Industry

Residential and commercial locations all produce grey and black water (wastewater) from sinks, tubs, showers, dishwashers, clothes washers, storm drains and flushing toilets. This wastewater must travel from point A to point B through lateral (service) lines and sewer mains. The diameter of this lines can be as small as three inches (75mm) in the case of indoor plumbing, and as large as 12 inches (1.2m) for storm drains.


The current challenges

Usually, the property owner is responsible for keeping the lateral (service) lines clear and flowing whilst the city or municipality is responsible for the main lines. Both parties face the challenge of keeping the lines free of tree roots, grease, soil runoff, and general items that are flushed or dropped down storm drains. Also, both parties must deal with collapsed pipes, clogs from obstacles, or damages caused by nearby construction.

Our Solutions

The camera systems from Vivax-Metrotech are feature rich which allows the user to:
  • Create detailed recordings with audio and text comment
  • Create photos of the pipe interior with date and time stamps
  • Locate the exact position of problems from the surface
  • Map the entire length of the lateral and main lines
  • Interface with observation software to create detailed reports