The vLoc3-Cam is the easiest to use sonde locator on the market today. The omni-directional antenna array allows for approaching the sonde from any position. The directional arrows will guide the user first to the front or rear locate point and then directly to the sondes position. 

The vLoc3-Cam includes multiple sonde frequencies making it compatible with the major push cameras and crawler cameras on the market. The Pushrod Trace mode shows a second display geared for tracing the path of the pushrod deployed in the pipe or tracing pipes with an optional portable transmitter. 

The vLoc3-Cam comes with two Passive locate modes of Power and Radio which will detect the presence of live power lines, CATV, telephone and some metallic pipes which radiate 50/60 Hz from nearby or overhead power lines. For active locating, with the use of a portable transmitter, the vLoc3-Cam comes with an 83.1kHz frequency for tracing the pushrod. This frequency is also ideal for water and gas utilities which generally are larger pipes with bell housings and gaskets as well as locating ungrounded small diameter drop wires and inducing signals through the soil, onto services when direct connecting is not an option. 


vLoc3-Cam Receiver

vLoc3-Cam Receiver

vLoc3-Cam Receiver

vLoc3-Cam Receiver

vLoc3-Cam Receiver with Sonde Mode Screen

vLoc3-Cam Receiver What's in the Box

Key Features

  • No ghost signals
  • Graphical locate display
  • Sonde locate and pushrod trace modes
  • Optional Bluetooth option for GPS mapping
  • High visibility color 4.3”/10cm Display

MyLocator3 App

Manage a single or fleet of vLoc3 series utility locators with the free MyLocator3 app. Configure locators by turning on or off features, selecting which frequencies the user has access to and creating custom startup screens. When the locator is connected to a computer running the MyLocator3 software, the program will automatically search...

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Sonde and Sonde Locator Sales Sheet V1.0 589.82 KB Download
vLoc3-Cam Sales Sheet UK V1.2 1.77 MB Download
vLoc3-Cam Technical Specifications V1.8 440.17 KB Download
vLoc3-Cam User Handbook V1.4 5.52 MB Download
Locating Push Camera Cable Quick Guide V1.1 668.88 KB Download
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