Telecom Industry

The new world of today greatly expands the telecom industry. Email, land lines, mobile phones, text messaging, viewing pages on the Internet, and downloading files all use the buried cables of the telecom industry. Interruptions to telecom lines can have far reaching financial effects and, in some cases, can be life or death for businesses as well as people. As such we need to be careful when any form of work is carried out which involves excavation near telephone lines.

The current challenges

Challenges in locating telecom lines are being able to locate long line transmission cables which can run for hundreds of miles at a time along the side of railroads or highways, being able to pinpoint which is the correct cable when in congested metropolitan areas, and being able to identify the location of a fault in a telecom cable caused by rodents, the shifting earth or a ground probe bar being driven into the soil.

Our Solutions

The Locator range from Vivax-Metrotech allows the user to:
  • Rack mounted transmitters to send a locate signal hundreds of miles down a cable
  • Special “SD” and “SiS” frequencies to positively identify cables in congested areas
  • Plug in A-Frame fault locators to pinpoint cable faults
  • Bluetooth and GPS options for mapping
  • Multi-frequency locators