Fiber optic cables are a critical part of modern life due to the vast amount of data they carry to support businesses, internet users, and emergency services. The cost of losing these services, even temporarily, is immeasurable. The FLS-2 system is designed to assist in locating, monitoring and providing damage prevention to these cables.

The FLS-2 high-performance, high-power rack-mounted transmitter is typically mounted in a re-gen staton, customer access point, or central office. The FLS-2 transmits a locate tone on the metallic sheath of the fiber cable over vast distances to ensure the cable can be located quickly and accurately, even in congested areas.

The FLS-2 transmitter can be accessed and controlled by a phone call or website portal and can streamline your operation and eliminate carrying a portable transmitter. Without the need for a portable transmitter hookup, the field technicians can avoid going into handholes or pedestals and get straight to the task of locating and marking.


FLS-2 50-Watt Rack Mount Transmitter

FLS-2 Transmitter Port

FLS-2 50-Watt Rack Mount Transmitter

FLS-2 Transmitter Screen

Key Features

  • Eliminate breaking bonds and grounds to connect portable transmitters
  • Auto-impedance matching for maximum efficiency
  • Avoid opening handholes to access the cable
  • Remote Ethernet and mobile-device access
  • Standard or custom frequencies
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