Gas Industry

The gas pipe will present locating challenges in both plastic and metal piping. Metal gas piping is a challenge due to the need to have rubber grommets at each join to seal the network. These rubber grommets break the metal to metal contact needed to carry a current for locating purposes. The new plastic pipes of course in themselves cannot be detected, however, a small tracer wire is buried with the service to facilitate locating. Due to the size of this tracer wire it too is at times not easy to transmit a current along.

The current challenges

One solution would be to consider having a single high frequency to skip over the rubber bell grommets in metal pipes. A better option would be to have a multi frequency locator with high frequencies and well as lower frequencies in congested areas or when you experience bleed off onto another conductor.


Our Solutions

The Locator range from Vivax-Metrotech allows the user to:
  • Multi frequencies
  • Multiple output current transmitters
  • Continuous depth and current measurements
  • Push-button depth measurement
  • Locate passive Cathotic Protection frequency