Water Industry

Water to the tap is something we all take for granted. It is only when a water main bursts and we are without this convenience that we start to wonder how it all works. The bursting of a water main can be due to age and a failure in the pipe, but, quite often it is because someone has not identified the service before digging.

The current challenges

The way water is delivered is complex, and the variety of pipes can make the job of locating them even more complex. It is here we find a need for different solutions for how to do this locating. You will need to have a locator with a choice of frequencies and the ability to do sonde locating for the occasions when a locatable push rod and sonde may be needed.


Our Solutions

The Locator range from Vivax-Metrotech allows the user to:
  • Choose the appropriate frequency for the situation
  • Use single high frequency to simplify the task
  • See continuous depth or current while tracing
  • Give a depth of cover measurement
  • Locate passive Cathotic Protection frequency