Type “B” Skid with Light Kit

Type-B Skid with Light Kit

The Type “B” Skid is used to keep the camera head centered in pipes and off the floor avoiding debris and obstructions. The Type-B Skid has adjustable settings for use in pipe diameters from 8” to 15”. When the skid is completely collapsed it can be used in 8’’ pipes. The Type “B” Skid works with the D46 and D34 series camera attached to the 12mm termination spring on the Type-CP reel. This adjustable skid works best in straight run applications such as running from manhole to manhole. An optional light kit is available to provide additional lighting in larger pipes.

Type “B” Skid Light Kit

This powerful 6000 MCD Luminous intensity Light Kit attaches to the front of the Type “B” Skid. The light kit is powered by three AA Alkaline Batteries which provide two hours of intermittent battery life.



Type-B Skid Technical Specifications V1.2 249.61 KB Download
Type-B Skid User Guide V1.7 760.05 KB Download