Live Plug Connector

The Live Plug Connector (LPC separation filter) is used to safely inject a locate frequency onto a live street distribution cable using a standard household mains socket from a building. This allows the cable to be traced from the premises to the connection in the street. The LPC separation filter is useable with transmitter frequencies of 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 65 kHz and has a roatary knob for phase switching. Use the Live Plug Connector for connecting to voltages between 100V AC and 250V AC.

  • Apply a locate signal onto all utility services using one connection
  • Phase switching


Locator Accessory Brochure UK V1.0 5.28 MB Download
LPC Separation Filter Technical Specifications V2.5 1.35 MB Download
LPC User Guide V1.2 307.15 KB Download