PTFLEXTRACE-50, 50m Pipe Trace with integral sonde element

When used with a pipe and cable locator kit, the Pipe Tracer (PT) Flexitrace by Dart Systems Ltd, provides an easy and economical way to trace the path of nonmetallic pipes, drains and ducts. The entire length of the PT Flexitrace can be energized and traced, or just the sonde tip can be energized and located.

Using the lightweight and rugged PT Flexitrace is a one-person operation and provides an alternative to traditional pipe location techniques such as using Cobra Rods, Duct Rods or Sondes to locate nonmetallic pipes, pipes, duct obstructions or collapses.

At the base of the PT Flexitrace are two connection terminals. How the pipe and cable locating transmitter connects to these terminals determines its use for Line Location (tracing the path) or Sonde Location (locating the tip).

For Sonde location, connect both the red and black leads to the post. This will energize just the Sonde tip of the PT Flexitrace. For Line location (tracing the entire length of the PT Flexitrace), connect the transmitters red (hot) lead to one terminal and the other to a ground stake in the earth. Now the entire length of the rod is energized and traceable.

The PT Flexitrace is available in 30m, 50m and 80m lengths and carries a 12-month warranty.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • No external power is required
  • Locate the entire length or just the tip
  • Locate nonmetallic lines up to 3m in depth
  • Locate pipes and ducts as small as 12mm ID
  • Works with the range of Vivax-Metrotech locators
  • Manual brake to control the deployment of the rod