MyvScan App

Keep the operating system of the vScan up to date with the free MyvScan Desktop App. The vScan management tool allows the user to configure the features in the locator, download data collected from locating, set alarms useable whilst locating, and check and update the locator’s firmware.

  • Software updates – MyvScan checks for locator software updates and desktop software updates whenever connected to internet.
  • Data transfer – MyvScan will download the data collected from the locator. This data can include the date, time, GPS coordinated, depth measurements, current on the line, and notes entered at the time of locate.
  • Self-test and calibration verification – MyvScan will perform a test on the locators components assuring that it’s calibration is good and that all functions are working 100 per cent. The test will inform the user if a calibration is needed. If the locator passes the self-test a calibration certificate will be printed.
  • Personalize – Add owner/user information, a background picture or logo, or a short message to the startup screen.
  • Lock Feature – The locator’s configurations and settings can be locked, enabling equipment or safety officers to ensure that features selected or removed by management cannot be over ridden by the user. (Requires optional lockout dongle)