VMMap Web Portal

The VMMap Web Portal is the cloud-based side to the VMMap utility mapping app. Locate information such as depth readings, GPS coordinates, the distance between locates, current on the line and more are captured and displayed in the web portal. The web portal’s data is compatible with Google and Apple Maps, Asset Management, and GIS software.

The VMMap Web Portal consists of three sections. They are the Surveys, Analysis and Admin sections.


Survey – The Survey section shows all the records that have been uploaded from the vLoc series receivers. This section can merge multiple entries into a single record, create Google or Apple maps, filter records, and sort records. Currently, three formats of CSV, KML and SHAPE are supported.

Analysis – A plethora of analysis options are available in the VMMap Web Portal. Some of these are surveys by a team, surveys by a user, readings by record type, readings by utility type, readings by frequency and locator usage time.

Administration – In this section, a designated company administrator can add, delete, and organize users and teams. The vLoc series locator receivers can also be managed in this section. Based on the serial number of the receivers, they can be allocated or reallocated to different users.

  • Simple overview of all surveys
  • Map Viewer – View Apple or Google maps in street or satellite view.
  • Export to various file types for use with GIS software
  • Intuitive organization of your teams and users including statistics

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