880B Metal Detector

The 880B provides utility personnel, contractors and surveyors with a very sensitive, rugged instrument for rapid location of buried curb stops, property markers, valve boxes, manhole or vault covers, etc. It can also be used for locating rebar or studs in building structures.

The 880B Ferromagnetic Locator is designed to easily locate buried ferrous objects whilst rejecting non magnetic objects such as aluminum cans and bottle caps. It locates objects at much greater depths than other available instruments and is so finely tuned, it can locate small property markers within inches of a cyclone fence.

A wide range visual meter makes it easy to perceive small changes in signal strength. The meter, along with an audible tone, quickly indicates the edges and size of buried magnetic objects.


Replaced by: VM-880 Metal Detector or VM-585 Metal Detector and Utility Locator


880B™ User Handbook Metrotech vB 360.22 KB Download