Transmitter Link

The 10-Watt Loc3-10Tx transmitter can be remotely operated from the Receiver. This is an optional feature and requires the transmitter radio link option to be installed in both the receiver and transmitter.  This feature is only available on the Loc3-10Tx transmitter and is a factory fit option so must be requested at the time of ordering. The range of the radio link depends on having a clear “Line of sight” between Rx and Tx but is typically around 300m.

When  the transmitter and receiver are linked, changing the receivers frequency will automatically change to the transmitters frequency.

Compatible receivers: vLoc3-ProvLoc3-XLFvLoc3 RTK-ProvLoc3-ML, and vLoc3-5000

Compatible transmitters: Loc3-5TxLoc3-10TxLoc3-10SiSTx and Loc3-25Tx