VM-480B Utility Locator

The VM-480B “Split-Box” buried utility locator is a versatile locating instrument designed for locating and tracing the path of pipes and cables and detecting energizing 50/60Hz power lines. The split-box design makes it easy to conduct blind searches, ground surveys, and locate underground metal masses. The depth of cover to the buried utility can be calculated using the triangulation method. 

The VM-480B gets it’s Split-Box nickname by its unique design. The box design separates into two parts. One being the Transmitter, which sends out the locate signal. The other part being a Receiver which picks up the signal coming from the Transmitter or line radiating 50/60Hz. 

Mounting the locator on the optional Search Handle accessory simplifies the task of conducting blind searches, ground surveys, and locating underground metal masses.  

  • Crystal controlled transmitter and receiver – provides operating stability
  • Narrow noise bandwidth – higher sensitivity for improved accuracy
  • 50/60Hz power line locating capability – coil design reduces interference
  • Automatic shut off on receiver – 30 minutes cycle/time out
  • Automatic battery test


VM-480B Technical Specifications V1.5 416.30 KB Download
VM-480B User Handbook V1.7 2.12 MB Download