vCam-Modular Control Module

The vCamModular has been developed with reliability and serviceability in mind. The all weather, modular construction enables fast identification of faults, quick repairs with minimal downtime.

The easily transportable design has been achieved with the help of customers feedback resulting in a system answering the day to day needs of the sewer and duct inspection business.

The system is available as two options:

  • View only system (Upgradable to recording at a later date)
  • View and Recording system. Recording is to the internal 120GB hard drive or via the SD card slot. File transfer from the hard drive is achieved using the USB memory stick interface.Text and voice over are also catered for in the recordable system


Replaced by: vCam-6 HD Control Module or vCamMX-2 Mini Systems


vCamModular User Handbook V3.0 875.95 KB Download
vCamModular Quick Guide V1.4 1.25 MB Download
VR9601_V3.23_vCamDVR105.020_V 9.63 MB Download