RTK-Pro Walk Back Feature

The new Walk Back feature in the RTK-Pro receiver allows the field technician to quickly walk back to a previously located point in four simple steps.

1 – Fetch the walk back point over 4G and connection directly to VMMap Cloud.

2 – Follow the guidance arrow directing the user to the general area of interest.

3 –  When within ten feet of the walk back point, the screen will change to the “zero in” screen

4 – When reaching the walk back point, the receiver confirms its location and shows the matching GPS coordinates.

To use the walk back feature, update the firmware in the RTK-Pro receiver using the MyLocator3 desktop app. Then create an account in the VMMap Web Portal at https://vmmap.vivax-metrotech.com/login.

The VMMap Web Portal adds the list of desired points from surveys already stored in the VMMap cloud and collected with an RTK-Pro receiver. Your walk-back points will be synced to the RTK-Pro receiver from the cloud over 4G.