Update Your Type-M And Type-M2 Mini Camera Systems

Update your older Type-M and Type-M2 Mini Reels by replacing the termination base kit, spring assembly and camera head with the newer vCamMX-2 cameras.
When used with any mini reel, the D26-MX and D18-MX are compatible with the vCam-5 and vCam-6 controllers.

The Type-MX Reel Spring Assembly
The Spring assembly of the Type-MX Reel can be removed and changed by the user. No tools are needed when installing.

Installing the MX Series base kit and spring assembly

MX Series installation and removal video and D25-M and D34-M installation video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the MX series cameras with my vCam-5 control module?
The new MX series camera heads can be used with the vCam-5 or the vCam-6 control modules.

Can I trade in my D34-M or D26-M for an MX series camera?
We do not take trade-ins, but you can use the camera exchange program to get an MX series camera head. The camera exchange program gives up to a 50% discount on the MX series camera heads.

Do I have to have a re-termination to use the MX series camera heads?
Yes, the 10mm pushrod on the Type-M or Type-MX reel will need to be re-terminated to install the smaller MX series base kit.

Does the MX series base kit have a sonde?
Yes, the MX base kit has a 512Hz, 640Hz and 33kHz sonde.
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Visit our YouTube channel to view videos made with the MX series cameras.