vCam-6 Product Update

vCam-6 Product Update

Control module AC power and charging

This is a reminder of the recent vCam-6 control module change. Until approximately May of 2023 the vCam-6 battery charger was internal (mounted inside the control unit). A power cord was plugged into the AC socket at the bottom left of the control module to charge the unit.

As of approximately 1 May 2023, starting with serial number 11101180687, the control module is supplied with a full battery charger that plugs into the round AC/DC power socket on the control module’s right side.

Note that the battery charger supplied with the vCam-6 is the same charger used with the vCamMX, vCamDrain and Loc3-Tx rechargeable battery tray.

First serial number with the change: 11101180687
Approximate first unit shipped date: 1 May 2023


Refer to the Control Module Chargers and Power Cords chart at this link for part numbers and compatibility of all our battery chargers.