vCamMX-2 Update to record in MP4 format

All vCamMX-2 firware update released after 3 March 2021 will update the recording format from the AVI file type to the MP4 file type.

This firmware update adds compatibility so the vCamMX-2 control module can link to the “vCam Live View Mobile” app. Activate the wi-fi function in the vCamMX-2 control module, find it in the list of available wi-fi networks (the serial number will be shown as the SSID) and connect to it. Now launch the app and the video stream from the control module will be seen.

One great feature in the vCam Live View Mobile app is the ability to use the smartphone or tablet as a text writer. When using the keyboard in the app, the text will be sent directly to the control module’s screen in real time.

Download the free vCam Live View app from the Apple or Google Play stores. Or visit our website and under the Apps section you will find links to both stores and a quick guide for operating for the app.