MyLocator3 keeps your vLoc3 up to date

Manage a single or a fleet of vLoc3 series utility locators with the free MyLocator-3 desktop app. Configure the vLoc3 series locators by turning on or off features, selecting which frequencies the user has access to, and creating custom startup screens. The MyLocator-3 software will also transfer data from the locator to a host computer, perform software updates, and save the locator configuration and settings.When the locator is connected to a computer running the MyLocator-3 software, the software will automatically search our database for the latest software for both the utility locator and desktop application. The utility locator connects to the computer running MyLocator-3 with an off-the-shelf mini-USB cable.

  • Add a start screen to the locator
  • Update the locator’s software
  • Download data from the locator
  • Lock or unlock frequencies and modes
  • Add a splash screen
  • Setup RTK-Pro connections

The MyLocator3 desktop app shows when the locator has an update available.

The vLoc3 series locators attach to the computer running MyLocator via a Mini-USB cable.

Select which frequencies and modes are available to use.

 Add owner/user information, a background picture or logo, or a short message to the startup screen.

MyLocator3 is compatible with all vLoc3 series locators.

Download the  free  MyLocator3 app at  downloads – Vivax (