vLoc3-Cam Receiver Software Release

Software update v1.36 is available for the vLoc3-Cam Receiver

Software Revision: 1.36 Release
Software Date: 25/11/2021

This software update:

  • Adds the ability to configure the additional “32.8k Agilios” sonde frequency, which requires MyLocator3 v1.17 or later configuration change
  • Updated translations: German, French, Dutch, Romanian, Danish, Latvian, Spanish, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Chinese and Slovenian
  • Adds the ability to configure locator “Imperial / Metric” menu with “Inches” only depth display option in addition to the existing “Feet” and “Meter,” requires MyLocator3 v1.17 or later configuration change
  • A Long keypress delay reduced from 1 second to ½ second, repeat key press rate increased from 4 to 8 a second to speed up menu operations
  • Replaced the selected main menu item double height text box with standard height text box making main menu consistent with other menus and providing an additional visible menu option

Software updates are installed in the vLoc3 Series Receivers by using the free desktop app MyLocator3.
Instructions for using MyLocator3 can be found in any vLoc3 Series user manual.

The latest version of MyLocator3, v1.17, is available for download from our website at downloads – Vivax (vivax-metrotech.co.uk)